Repertorium Auctorum Polemicorum

Repertorium Auctorum Polemicorum

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The scope of the database: the RAP database is the product of an ongoing research project, and is, therefore, a work in progress that is constantly being updated. The reader must be aware that the scope of the database is not yet complete. For example, the period between the 13th and the 14th century is not yet included and neither are most of the anonymous texts.

The keywords: the keywords used to describe the contents of a particular text must be taken as a general indication of the issues discussed in that text, but not fully representative of all the content.

The manuscript tradition: The details in this section are extracted from the Pinakes database, whose data are mostly based on printed catalogues. Since these catalogues are sometimes old and inaccurate, the reader must bear in mind that the information provided may be inaccurate. However, the RAP sigla in the column “Rev." indicates that the RAP team has checked the precision of this entry.

If you spot a mistake, want to suggest a text that you do not find, or want to suggest an improvement or correction, please feel free to write to us (Blanchet Marie-Hélène, Bucossi Alessandra)